Luxury Packages


Interior Luxury 

  • Remove visible garbage
  • Deep clean vacuum of carpets and floor mats
  • Remove dust from panels, cup holders, console, instrument gauges
  • Air vents are steam cleaned
  • Trunk vacuumed and shampooed
  • Leather cleaner and conditioner on appropriate surfaces
  • Deep clean and conditioning of leather seats
  • All vinyl surfaces deep cleaned and protected
  • All crevices removed of dust using soft bristle brushes
  • Light shampoo of mats and spot removal of stains
  • Full interior steam clean
  • Interior glass cleaned

Exterior Luxury

  • Pre-wash to remove dirt and debris prior to bath
  • Snow foam bath to remove contaminants
  • 2 bucket hand wash with pH balanced soap
  • 2 stage decontamination to remove embedded debris
  • Iron decontamination on vehicle body and wheels
  • Clay bar decontamination on body to remove tar and other contaminants
  • Deep clean of wheels and tires using various brushes
  • Tires dressed with premium gloss
  • Light engine bay cleaning
  • Hand dried with premium microfiber towels and streak free drying aid
  • All door jambs cleaned
  • All exterior glass and mirrors cleaned and dried
  • Premium wax or sealant applied to protect the vehicle finish and enhance gloss

Starting at only $299.99 plus GST for coupes/sedans, $459.99 plus GST for small SUVs/trucks, $599.99 plus GST for large trucks/SUVs/vans

Additional services

  • Nano coat protection for painted surfaces, wheels and glass
  • Paint correction services
    • 1-Stage, 2-Stage and 3 Stage Available
  • Chrome polishing
  • Engine bay cleaning and shampoo
  • Fabric protection
  • Pet hair removal
  • Ozone shock treatment to remove odours
  • Steam cleaning

*Listed prices are for light to moderately soiled vehicles. Excessive garbage, mud, sand, debris, pet hair may incur extra charges.

*Please have all personal belongings removed from the vehicle to ensure thorough cleaning. 


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