What separates us from the competition? Here at Liberty Autoworx, we take pride in our detailing abilities to go above and beyond for our customers. We are a certified Gyeon Quartz auto detailer and retailer of their products. We use advanced auto detailing methods to ensure your car is as flawless as it can get. That is why we offer both in-house detailing and mobile detailing at no extra cost to come to you.

Experience why we are the #1 rated detailing shop in northern Alberta. 


Want the convenience of having our luxury services without having to leave your house? Do you have a collection of cars that need to be maintained? Book us for a private session today! We offer no extra cost to come to you within the Edmonton Area. See our pricing chart below! Distance restrictions apply. 


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  • Garbage Removal
  • Deep clean vacuum carpets and floor mats
  • Full wipe down of dash with vinyl cleaner
  • Thorough steam detailing, including all panels, cup holders, console, instruments guages, vents, etc.
  • Deeper steam clean of vinyl and plastic surfaces followed by complete protection serum
  • All leathers surfaces wiped down, steam cleaned, reconditioned, and protected with a leather deoxidation serum
  • All extra crevices and hard to reach areas steam cleaned
  • Carpets, mats, and upholstery deep steam cleaned and wiped down
  • Soft bristle-brush detail on all surfaces for the extra mile cleanliness
  • Interior glass cleaned with a specialized glass cleaning serum
  • Trunk vacuumed out
  • Pedals steamed and treated to remove stuck dirt


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  • Pre-wash to remove dirt and debris prior to bath
  • Snow foam bath to remove contaminants
  • 2 bucket hand wash with pH balanced soap
  • 2 stage decontamination to remove embedded debris
  • Iron decontamination on vehicle body and wheels
  • Clay bar decontamination on body to remove tar and other contaminants
  • Deep clean of wheels and tires using various brushes
  • Tires dressed with premium gloss
  • Dried with warm, filtered air and hand dried with premium microfiber towels
  • Light door jambs cleaning
  • All exterior glass and mirrors cleaned and dried
  • Premium wax or sealant applied to protect the vehicle finish and enhance gloss


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  • Includes:
    Complete Exterior Detailing
    Complete Interior Detailing
  • We offer additional services to meet your standards!
  • Quick, express exterior wash in addition to an interior detail can start at as little as $59.99
  • Engine bay wash and detail starting from $59.99
  • Exterior decontamination including iron removal, tar removal, etc. starts at $139.99

Are you a busy individual who wants the luxury of having your car detailed for you? Do you take hours to clean your vehicle the ‘right way’? Or perhaps your vehicle has been neglected because of your busy schedule and you need the help of a professional detailer?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then we are the luxury auto detail shop for you. We only offer a single exterior and single interior detailing option. This lets us always ensure that every vehicle is cleaned the way we would want to clean our own vehicles.

Having other services performed at Liberty Autoworx? We always start with at least an exterior detailing so we have a great canvas to work with. After all, no amount of Paint Protection Film or Ceramic Coating will make up for poor detailing.


Our ceramic coating customers are required to have an annual maintenance inspection to see how the coating is performing and perform an exterior decontamination.

Our maintenance package includes:

  • Visually inspect and test panels to see how the water reacts
  • Full exterior decontamination detailing.
  • Top off with Gyeon Wet Coat