Exterior Detailing

Nobody Likes a Dirty Vehicle...

Exterior Only:

  • Pre-wash to remove dirt and debris prior to bath

  • Snow foam bath to remove contaminants

  • 2 bucket hand wash with pH balanced soap

  • 2 stage decontamination to remove embedded debris

  • Iron decontamination on vehicle body and wheels

  • Clay bar decontamination on body to remove tar and other contaminants

  • Deep clean of wheels and tires using various brushes

  • Tires dressed with premium gloss

  • Engine bay rinse

  • Dried with warm, filtered air and hand dried with premium microfiber towels

  • Light door jambs cleaning

  • All exterior glass and mirrors cleaned and dried

  • Premium wax or sealant applied to protect the vehicle finish and enhance gloss

Starting at only $139.99 plus GST for coupes/sedans