Created by Raymark Dizon in 2017, an Edmonton local who came from the Philippines as a young child, choosing to walk away from a promising career in dentistry in pursuit of his passion for cars and entrepreneurship. The business was named after his ultra-sweet fiance, Pia Liberty. Raymark aimed not only to create a business that suited his love for cars but also his desire to create positive relationships with various people. This hyper-focus on creating an exceptional customer experience is what has continuously set him apart from the competition, along with his continued pursuit of education and growth in his craft.

When Raymark isn’t working, going to additional training, or attending conferences, he can be found on the basketball court, engaging in friendly competition with his colleagues and friends, or at home with his family building legos and having fun.

Another passion of Raymark’s is giving back to his community, and promoting others to do the same. He has a strong belief in there is no sense in having success if you’re not helping others achieve their own along the way, he’s constantly looking for ways to support the people around him. If you have any suggestions on additional ways to give back, we’d love to hear from you.

lib·er·ty /noun

the state of being free


Our mission is to provide every customer, regardless of what they drive, with the highest quality experience and services. Through our expertise, we aim to provide the education necessary to guide you to the best solution for your vehicle to maintain its value long term.

We strive to provide a service worth talking about, so we consistently deliver elevated results that give our customers the confidence to refer others to us  and know that they too can expect the same level of service.


  • Relationship
  • Professionalism
  • Continuous Learning
  • Enlightened Hospitality
  • Remarkability


Call or send us a quote request and we might provide you with a custom tailored quote for your vehicle.

Financing is available upon request.