lib·er·ty /noun

the state of being free


Our mission is simple – to help liberate each and every vehicle that we come into contact with. We want to free your ride from the tyranny of dirt, debris, contamination, and imperfections. With our expertise and highly regarded customer service, we are here to provide you with the best customer experience.

At Liberty Autoworx, we understand that car owners struggle to keep their vehicles looking their best. Our mission is to help them make their cars look better than new and protect them for the long term so that they can have pride in their ride.

What separates us from the rest? We start off with our customer discovery to truly understand the needs and goals of our guest. Next, provide a custom tailored action plan that checks off all of the customer’s desires. Afterwards, we execute our plan and ensure that there are no steps skipped in the process. Lastly, we present the final product and allow the guest to take it all in. They’ll experience a “Wow!” moment or “OMG is that my car?”.

Our service doesn’t stop there. Not only can we guide you in maintaining your vehicle’s appearance, we can also rejuvenate your vehicle with a thorough interior and exterior detail. No time to drop off your vehicle? No problem. Our mobile detailing unit can come to you for your convenience.

Looking to have a spa treatment for your vehicle? Contact us today.