How long does the Ceramic Pro coating take?

Ceramic Pro coating is usually a 2 day process and may take longer depending if the car needs to be power polished and/or installed with XPEL.

Why does my brand new vehicle need to be power polished?

Brand new cars may need power polishing! Factory paint is not perfect. Whether it’s during transport or detailing the vehicle for delivery at the dealership, there are many instances that can cause swirls and scratches.

What is the difference between 3M and XPEL?

3M is a common name referred to paint protection film. XPEL is a brand of paint protection film we use to install on your vehicle. It is self healing, fade resistant and virtually invisible.

Oh and an industry leading, 10 year warranty is pretty sweet too.

Do you wrap the edges for XPEL?

Yes, we wrap the edges for our XPEL installations wherever possible. This will help protect the edges from getting rock chips.

What are swirls?

Swirls are micro scratches on the surface of the paint. It can be caused by using a brush at a car wash, dusting off your vehicle or even wiping your car dry with the wrong microfibre towel. These can be corrected with power polishing.