Protect your car’s stunning looks and value in the harsh Canadian climate with Edmonton’s leading Windshield Skin specialists. Whether you drive a sedan, SUV, truck, or anything in between, we offer premium Windshield Skin solutions tailored specifically for your vehicle.


Ultimate Rock Chip Protection: Say goodbye to cracks, chips, scratches, and the fading effects of Edmonton’s brutal winters. Our virtually invisible Windshield Skin acts as a shield helping absorb impacts of debris and rock chips.

Expert Installation: Our meticulous technicians possess years of experience and utilize state-of-the-art techniques for a precise, factory-like finish. Every inch of your windshield is meticulously covered, ensuring a seamless application that complements your car’s design.
Long-lasting Durability: Our Windshield Skin is built to withstand the toughest Canadian winters. It’s resistant to UV rays, extreme temperatures, snow, ice, and even chemicals, so you can drive with confidence knowing your windshield is protected. Expect it to last 2+ years until it’s time to remove and replace the windshield skin. You will see rock pitting, chips and windshield wiper marks over time.

Easy Maintenance: Keeping your Windshield Skin looking great is simple. Just wash your car as usual, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your windshield is protected.
Increased Resale Value: Windshield Skin is an investment that pays off. By protecting your windshield from damage, you can help to maintain your car’s value and get a better price when you sell it.

Edmonton Drivers: We’re passionate about cars and understand the unique challenges of driving in Edmonton. We’ve seen the intense sun, heavy snow, freezing temperatures, and rough roads, and we’re committed to providing the best possible protection for your investment.


Call or send us a quote request and we might provide you with a custom tailored quote for your vehicle.

Financing is available upon request.
satin paint protection film on nardo grey audi rs5 in edmonton applied by Liberty Autoworx


  1. Disassembly and removal of components such as trim, door handles, or badges where required to maximize coverage.
  2. Custom coverage to minimize seams to prevent dirt and debris getting trapped, as well as optimize the look of the film.
  3. Complimentary demo wash to educate our customers on how to maintain their PPF.
  4. Liberty Craftsmanship Guarantee on every vehicle.


What's the difference between 3M and XPEL PPF?

3M is one of the original paint protection film manufacturers. Over time, the industry has evolved and XPEL emerged as a self healing, yellowing resistant, high quality film. Check out our post about it here.

Can I apply PPF to my used car?

It’s definitely possible, it would be best you to come to the studio for a consultation for an accurate quote. The most optimal results would be to take it straight to us from the dealership to allow for minimal imperfections.

Why wouldn't I just get it done at the dealership?

Some dealerships may have decent installers, but they’re typically a ‘jack of all trades’ type, where we’re trained experts at our craft. We also customize the cuts if necessary to maximize the coverage on your paint.

Why does my new vehicle need prep?

While it’s got minimal mileage on it, it still had to be transported here and road tested at the dealership before you picked it up. There may also be imperfections from the manufacturer. We want to correct these issues before we apply any film. 

What's the warranty on the film once installed?

Our Liberty Craftsmanship Guarantee is coverage for life should you have any craftsmanship issues with the install. On the other hand, XPEL provides a 10 year warranty for manufacturer defects.

Should I get PPF or Ceramic Coating?

This is dependent on your needs. While ceramic coating makes for easy detailing and washing while providing intense gloss, paint protection film provides superior coverage from rocks and debris, acting as a sacrificial layer.

Can I put ceramic coating on my paint protection film?

Yes! We have a specific product for coverage on the PPF that protects your XPEL warranty. This gives you the opportunity to have the best of both worlds.