Liberty Shield Color Paint Protection Film

Looking for a way to transform the look of your vehicle while also protecting it from the elements? Look no further than Liberty Shield Color PPF, a revolutionary paint protection film that offers the best of both worlds.

With our new color PPF, you can enjoy the benefits of having over 100 colors to choose from while also getting the same protection as traditional clear or matte paint protection film.


Ditch the Traditional Vinyl Wrap

Traditional vinyl wraps are a thing of the past. They’re thin, offer minimal protection, and fade over time. With Liberty Shield Color PPF, you can choose from over 100 stunning colors to completely customize your car’s look. But unlike vinyl, Color PPF boasts superior protection – it functions just like our traditional clear or matte paint protection film, shielding your vehicle from rock chips, scratches, and other everyday wear and tear.

Double the Protection, Half the Hassle

In the past, achieving a colored vinyl wrap with protection meant a lengthy and expensive process. You’d need to install regular PPF on top of the vinyl wrap, doubling the installation time and cost. Liberty Shield Color PPF eliminates this hassle. It’s a single product that delivers both vibrant color and unmatched protection in one. Plus, compared to a custom paint job, Color PPF is a much more cost-effective way to achieve a dramatic look change.

Why Choose Liberty Shield Color PPF?

Self-Healing Top Layer:

Minor scratches disappear over time, keeping your car looking flawless.

Hydrophobic Protection:

Water beads right off, making washing your car a breeze.

Wet or Dry Installation:

Our experienced installers can cater to your preference.

High-Gloss Finish:

The glossy finish replicates the look and shine of a professional paint job.

Thick and Durable:

Provides superior protection against everyday wear and tear.

10-Year Limited Warranty:

Enjoy peace of mind with a comprehensive warranty.

Transform your car today with Liberty Shield Color PPF.

Contact us for a free quote and experience the difference!


Call or send us a quote request and we might provide you with a custom tailored quote for your vehicle.

Financing is available upon request.


  1. Disassembly and removal of components such as trim, door handles, or badges where required to maximize coverage.
  2. Custom coverage to minimize seams to prevent dirt and debris getting trapped, as well as optimize the look of the film.
  3. Complimentary demo wash to educate our customers on how to maintain their PPF.
  4. Liberty Craftsmanship Guarantee on every vehicle.


Can I apply PPF to my used car?

It’s definitely possible, it would be best you to come to the studio for a consultation for an accurate quote. The most optimal results would be to take it straight to us from the dealership to allow for minimal imperfections.

Why wouldn't I just get it done at the dealership?

Some dealerships may have decent installers, but they’re typically a ‘jack of all trades’ type, where we’re trained experts at our craft. We also customize the cuts if necessary to maximize the coverage on your paint.

Should I get PPF or Ceramic Coating?

This is dependent on your needs. While ceramic coating makes for easy detailing and washing while providing intense gloss, paint protection film provides superior coverage from rocks and debris, acting as a sacrificial layer.