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Ferrari 488 Foam Bath


At Liberty Autoworx, we understand that car owners struggle to keep their vehicles looking their best. Our mission is to help them make their cars look better than new and protect them for the long term so that they can have pride in their ride. We care about your car as much, if not more, than you do!


Our business is rooted in the values of building relationships with our customers, excellent communication, integrity and precision.

About Us


BMW Power Polishing


Want that mirror finish for your car? Have us remove swirls and scratches from your vehicle for a vehicle that looks better than brand new.


Protect your paint from rock chips and scrapes with XPEL Ultimate Plus paint protection film. Expect only the best.

Ferrari 488 Ceramic Coating


Want to add extreme gloss and durability to your car? Ceramic coatings offer a layer of protection that adds a very slick surface.


Do you want your car looking new again? Book us for a detailing session to rejuvenate your car’s interior and exterior.


What a relief!!! 😅

It’s nice to know another vehicle is going to be protected from the flying debris on our roads. Chris got #xpel paint protection on his Golf R and we’re looking forward to seeing him on the road with the beautiful weather coming up!

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We’ve been there.

We understand what it’s like to want to do things yourself...that’s how we started!

Our studio offers #gyeon products for you to bring your ride to its shine you FEEL and KNOW it deserves. It’s the same stuff we use on our exterior and interior projects to make your panels, lights, glass, wheels, tires, trim (and more) RADIATE with wonder. 🤩

Shop on our website in the bio! 👆

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Started from the bottom…🎤

Step by step we bring your vehicle to its #betterthanbrandnew state.

No detail is overlooked in our studio.

From the moment you walk in we make sure to understand your goals before we educate you on what’s needed on both our ends to get your vehicle looking its best.

Us to make your machine shine ✨and you, to sit back until you pick up your vehicle, astonished. We’ll educate you on the small steps you can take to keep it that way too 😉


Check out our website in the bio to see how we do it! 👆

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Feel great, have peace of mind, and be confident.

This is how we want you to feel when you get into your vehicle. What you see is only a by-product of how we want you to feel....


The way your vehicle looks inside and out is a bonus of everything we strive for here in our studio. To be better for ourselves, in our craft, and ultimately for you!

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Knowledge is power! 🧠

The world is constantly changing, designs are morphing, and new materials are always being created and tested. 

We’re persistent in learning the best techniques to adapt to the changes and always working on ideas to give you not only a positive experience, but one where you feel taken care of - well past leaving our studio. ⌂


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What’s hitting your paint???

You’re getting gravel, debris, and dirt flying at you, UV rays and iron particles nestling in, and the odd bird reigning bombs from the sky all while your vehicle cries.


Have some comfort and protect your vehicle with #xpel paint protection film.

Protecting your factory paint is important because it will never have the same glimmer or shine if you ever want to repaint it later. Our professional installers will ensure your vehicle’s protected from the visible (and invisible) elements and your vehicle will thank you 🙏

Learn more on our site! Link in bio 👆

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Meet the owner!

Raymark is our proud owner of the Liberty Autoworx auto studio! 


He’s dedicated to educating you on doing what’s best for your vehicle and working with the team to make your vehicle #betterthanbrandnew.

You can find him spending time with his family, driving his blue @jaguar around town, or exploring new hobbies and ideas to bring to you! 🚙

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My lights aren’t as bright as they used to be? 😩⁠

Did you protect your headlights? 🚘⁠

When you negotiate paint protection on your new vehicle you naturally think about the hood and the front bumper. Maybe the side mirrors and trunk area.⁠

It’s REALLY noticeable if the paint chips but people forget that debris also hits the headlights. The whiteness and clarity deteriorate OVER TIME.⁠

Gravel combined with the UV damage from the sun causes pitting and changes to the physical appearance of your headlights which can affect headlight clarity.⁠

Our @xpel packages include your headlights and foglights to ensure your lights stay as clear and white as long as possible. We’re can’t help with your lightbulb dimming though 😝⁠

Who’s pumped about our longer days!??

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Meet our master Detail Technician, TIM!⁠

He’s extremely methodical and detailed in his work so you can rest assured you’re getting a transformation when he’s on it. 👀 ⁠

Wave hello here or at the slopes if you see him snowboarding! 👋🏂⁠

Snowboard or ski? 👇

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All up in your grill! ###⁠

We’re going to ask you questions!⁠

There’s a purpose to what you want to do with your vehicle whether it’s prolonging its look, needing to get it showroom ready, or it’s having an everyday driver you want to look good and be protected.⁠

It’s our job to ask you the right questions so we can recommend the right packages to you. Knowing what you want to do will be more economical in the long-run and allow us to focus on the right things that YOU need.⁠

There’s no upselling - only education and making sure we execute on what you need.⁠

Check our website for our process! Link in bio ☝️

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…They not only brought her back to life they literally made her brand new again.” - Dwain B. from Google (Custom pin-striping + Xpel paint protection on 2010 Camaro) 6011, ⁠

Like sparkly new! ✨⁠

We’re always appreciative of the reviews and proud that our strive for awesome 😍 is rewarded!!! Dwain got custom pin-striping and Xpel paint protection done on his 2010 Camaro.⁠

Checkout our site for details on what we do! 👆

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2. There’s swirling!!! 😱Whyyyyyyy...😭👉⁠

Stop using regular drying towels + old rags!⁠
Micro-scratches from harsh materials add up - we see it day in and day out and it’s a world of difference 🌎 between a 10 year old car feeling and looking OLD and a 10 year old car feeling and looking FRESH, like you just got it over the weekend. 😎⁠

We use silk + microfiber cloths to wipe and dry the interior and exterior of our vehicles for minimal to no scratches.⁠

Purchase Gyeon Soft-wipe Microfiber cloths or their Silk dryer towels from our website or make an appointment to come by and pick some up! Shop in bio 👆⁠


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Leading the way!! 🏎⁠

If you get a chance to come in - check out the @hotwheelsofficial wall!⁠


Inspiration can come from anywhere so it’s important to always explore and never settle. Our owner loves his Hot Wheel collection and small things like this keeps the fun and enthusiasm alive!⁠

Sorry kids! No loose ones to scratch or crash! Though if he could micro-install @xpel on these ones, we’re sure he would. 😉⁠

What inspires you? Comment below! 👇

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What does enhancing to “Better than brand new?” mean 🤔

How about a vehicle that self-heals from minor scratches? 😯

Enhancing is about amplifying what’s already there or adding something to make it better..


Your “brand new” vehicle already has pollution, debris, and micro scratches just from transportation to the dealership - we amplify with full throttle prep and polish so take all of those away. The shine...remarkable. ✨

We add #xpel paint protection film to make sure it stays that way. It’s optically clear, stain and colouring resistant, and it self-heals from fine scratches so you don’t get the swirl marks and the dull colour that comes over time. We love this stuff!! 

Check out our website for the full process! Link in bio 👆

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It’s simple... 😉

Your vehicle is family to us and we treat it that way.

Always thankful for the awesome reviews 🙏🙏

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It’s easy for your tires to lose their luster with our harsh winters.

We use Gyeon Tire to keep the blacks dark and the walls protected (even after pressure washing)


How to use:
✨Be sure to use this after your tires are degreased, dry, and cool to touch.
✨Spray Gyeon Tire onto your tire or onto a Flex Foam Tire Applicator and spread it evenly across.
✨Allow the coat to dry before driving. Easy!

Head over to the website and book an appointment to pick one up 👆

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Transformation can be trivial 🧐

The  subtlest of detail can make the biggest difference. 

If you’re driving on Henday you already know the gravel’s flying. #paintprotection is a shield against rocks, scratches, bird droppings, pollution, dust, or road grime - preserving the look of your vehicle for years.

We use Xpel paint protection film on your vehicles because:
✨ It’s a leader in protecting your vehicle from rock chips and scratches
✨ It STAYS CLEAR. There’s no staining or yellowing from bird droppings, air pollution, or road grime like cheaper alternatives

✨ It self heals which eliminates swirls or fine scratches
✨ It has the largest and most comprehensive pre-cut pattern database providing a tight fit for the best installations 😉


Check out the website under “Protect” for the full process! 👆Link in the bio 

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Pay Attention!! 👀

Big things are easy to notice- small things add up to create wonder.

Have you ever wondered why a painting or design looks SO GOOD you can’t explain it? It’s only until you learn the small stuff that you understand why some things make you go 😲...

📸 @cheersphotos

What’s on everyone’s plate this Monday? 👇

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We’re always appreciative of the trust you have in our service. We joke here but when it comes to your vehicles, we never joke


What’s your best dad joke?

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