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Ferrari 488 Foam Bath


At Liberty Autoworx, we understand that car owners struggle to keep their vehicles looking their best. Our mission is to help them make their cars look better than new and protect them for the long term so that they can have pride in their ride. We care about your car as much, if not more, than you do!


Our business is rooted in the values of building relationships with our customers, excellent communication, integrity and precision.

About Us


BMW Power Polishing


Want that mirror finish for your car? Have us remove swirls and scratches from your vehicle for a vehicle that looks better than brand new.


Protect your paint from rock chips and scrapes with XPEL Ultimate Plus paint protection film. Expect only the best.

Ferrari 488 Ceramic Coating


Want to add extreme gloss and durability to your car? Ceramic coatings offer a layer of protection that adds a very slick surface.


Do you want your car looking new again? Book us for a detailing session to rejuvenate your car’s interior and exterior.


Happy Friday!!!⁠

It’s a good day to be indoors ☁️ and also a good time to unleash your inner #DIY!!⁠

The Gyeon products are used on all of your exotic vehicles, your tuners, your trucks, your collectibles and more... So if it’s good enough for our happy clients, we don’t see why it can’t be shared with all. 🗣 ⁠

Check out our online store in the link ⇧⁠

Have a great weekend!!! 🙌🙌

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Letting you know...⁠

You’ll be asked a truck load of questions when you’re coming in for vehicle treatment.⁠

We want to make sure the services you want are aligned with what makes sense for your goals. It’s not about upselling and it’s not about what we want.⁠

It’s about you and taking care of what matters most to you and your vehicle.⁠

Find out more about our services #linkinbio 👆

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Did something catch your eye?⁠

Sometimes it’s about getting noticed. There’s something about a clean, white vehicle that gets us every time. Maybe because it looks aggressive but then, you could say it’s also classy? We’re loving this #genesisGV80 because it’s both...on the inside and the out.⁠

More to see in the coming posts!⁠

What’s your favourite car colour? Comment below! 👇

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Hey! Did you know...??⁠

Before we add paint protection film, we always check for imperfections and paint levels?⁠

😮But it’s a brand new car? ⁠

It is! However, before you received it:⁠

⬛️It might have been transported overseas or in an exposed environment on the road allowing debris to accumulate or mar the paint⁠
⬛️Your vehicle may have sat on the lot for a time → people can brush past it looking at other vehicles or attendants can brush snow off with improper brushes/tools⁠
⬛️Improper wash methods were used (wrong materials, wrong technique)⁠

We take care of all of it in our studio ensuring you’re driving out with the full beauty of your vehicle with the protection it deserves.⁠

Enough learning… Let us know your weekend song!! 👇

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What does performance feel like? 🏁⁠

Better than you expect.⁠

A lot of you come into our studio with beautiful vehicles and we have the pleasure of visually getting them to where they should be. You’ve worked hard, worked smart, and have become masters at what you a way, you are a high-performance being.⁠

High performance is not just about what you can add to make things better, but equally as important, WHAT YOU DON’T NEED. ⛔️ ⁠

We will never suggest anything to you that wouldn’t make sense for your goals. We strive for performance every day, and it doesn’t just include our skills, but it includes our customer service and an ability to be straight with you and get you what you need - that’s it.⁠

Would you agree?? Yay or nay below! 👇

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Do you park at the far edge of the lot…?⁠

...Or somewhere where you can see your vehicle...? We get it. A good chunk of our team are guilty too - we just want to protect our rides because we’re proud of them!!!⁠

It would make sense to protect your vehicle while you’re on the road too right? Afterall, you do push the throttle a bit more than usual (here and there 😉) and that means debris on your paint at higher velocities.⁠

We’re about PROTECTING the beauty of your paint but more importantly, how you FEEL when you’re in it. Learn how on our website! 👆

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Do you need high performance?? ✨⁠

We do. We use the Gyeon Quartz Quick Detailer in our studio for all of our clients. It’ll remove any streaking and spots on all painted surfaces of your vehicle AND it’s fast and easy to use - you spray on and wipe off.⁠

COOL TIP: Use it as a drying aid on a wet car. The process will become easier and the gloss will remain for weeks! 😉 Thank us later.⁠

Get yours from our online shop!! Link in profile 👆

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Isn’t that already new? 🤔⁠

It is! We’re making it #betterthanbrandnew!⁠

Did you know a vehicle’s paint at the dealership isn’t the same as straight out of the factory? UV rays, wind, dirt, iron and other residue can damage paint during transportation. Think about the semi’s carrying those 5 - 9 cars across the country to the dealership.⁠

We’re about bringing your vehicle back to that factory sparkle and protecting it here in our studio. Learn how on our website! 👆

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Exhausted but excited!⁠

It’s busy here in the studio but we’re always PUMPED to see your new vehicle and figure out how we can make it gleam for years to come 🤩 #betterthanbrandnew⁠

As always, we’re thankful to our clients who’ve trusted us with their vehicles. 🙏🙏Have a good weekend everyone!!!⁠

Formula 1 round two! What team are you cheering for?? 👇

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Remember the invisibility cloak Harry Potter used? ⚡️⁠

We don’t... Not when he was using it!⁠

To make sure your paint protection is invisible, it’s got to be high quality, cut with precision and installed professionally. Keep your vehicle looking fresh with @xpel paint protection!!⁠

There’s some ☀️today!! What’s the first thing you’re going to do after work today? 👇

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Amat victoria coram - Victory Loves Preparation⁠

Assessing, planning and setting up before careful execution is easy to say but takes more to get done.⁠

There’s a reason why we ask you a ton of questions- even if you’re bringing a new car in from the lot. We’re considering what YOU want to be done and what’s realistic and NEEDED. That way, we can plan properly, and more importantly, you’re getting the best work done. ✅⁠

What do you think of the Genesis lineup? 🏆

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How do you make dreams last?⁠

🛡You protect them.⁠

We’re about making sure your investments shine 💎and more importantly, protecting them from the wear of life. Don’t let it look run down after a couple of years. ⁠

We believe it should always look as well as it performs 🏁⁠

Checkout the @xpel #paintprotectionfilm installed by our experienced professionals 👆

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Shhhh!! ...On the downlow! 🤫⁠

Hanging with our team is AWESOME and having water cooler chats here at Liberty is cool... though sometimes it’s more of an excuse to be with the #corvettestingray 🤔😍 ...We like like you.⁠

Old model, new model, or both? What do you prefer? Let us know below!!! 👇

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How do you invest into your vehicle?⁠

You invest your time inside it during traffic times, listening to music before picking up your kids, and maybe admiring it on your driveway when you’re back home. Wherever you are, your vehicle’s there with you and for you.⁠

Let us take care of your vehicle so you can keep enjoying it for years ✨⁠

Learn how we do it in our studio!! 👆

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Hands down, the Gyeon Q²M Silk Dryer is the best after-wash dryer we’ve used.⁠

It’s a premium microfibre that absorbs an impressive amount of water with a single glide over the surface of your vehicle.⁠

✨Its silk-smooth gliding over paintwork ensures a scratch and smudge-free drying process. 😎⁠

Need a quick wipe down? You can use it in the interior too! Or grab the Gyeon Q²M Soft Wipe!⁠

Link to shop in our bio! 👆

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One step at a time! ⁠

Your #xpel paint protection film is pre-cut to the specifications of your vehicle using our software and film cutter.⁠

There are no random cuts and bunching in the corners and crannies of the vehicle ensuring you're getting the proper vehicle protection you deserve.⁠

Who's going for a spin this afternoon?? Give us a ✌️ down below!⁠


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Always elevating with a smile! 😄⁠

We're always grateful to be able to bring your vehicles to another level and proud to see them on the road. ✨⁠

What do you have going on this weekend?? 👇⁠

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Are the accents better ✓ or worse? 𐄂⁠

We’re loving the wheels coming out this Spring season, but don’t forget your tires!⁠

There’s a reason we use Gyeon Q2M Tire in our studio - it’s simply the best. It’s easy to use and performs exactly how you’d want it to:⁠

✔︎ Deep Black Finish⁠
✔︎ Restores Rubber⁠
✔︎ High Durability (>5 Washes)⁠
✔︎ Easy To Apply⁠

You can purchase one of these in our online shop! Link in bio for a look 👆

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It might not be lifted but...⁠

...Your #truck still deserves to be elevated.⁠

Huge cabin space, convenient controls, and comfort from the interior, but why not admire the exterior’s new paint gleam for years to come?⁠

We’re all about prolonging your vehicle’s look and making it the eye-catching 👀wonder it deserves. After all, it represents you.⁠

Check out our website to see how we do it! 👆

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Round 3! Round 4! 🥊⁠

..sometimes 5 rounds to get your vehicle where it deserves to be.⁠


If you want to do something with excellence, then it takes commitment to get there and integrity to keep it that way.⁠

#betterthanbrandnew is not just about your vehicle, it’s also about our dedication to better ourselves every day to do the best work we can for you. If you shine, we shine ✨⁠

What are your plans this sunny Thursday 🌞? Comment below 👇!!!

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