As we all know, Tesla paint is very soft and can chip easily. Protect your Tesla’s paintwork and value with Edmonton’s leading Paint Protection Film (PPF) specialists. Whether you drive a Model S, Model 3, Model Y, or a Cybertruck, we offer premium XPEL PPF solutions tailored specifically for your Tesla.

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Why Choose Tesla PPF?

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01 Ultimate Paint Protection

Say goodbye to rock chips, scratches, and the fading effects of harsh Edmonton weather. Our near-invisible XPEL PPF acts as a shield, deflecting everyday hazards and maintaining your Tesla’s showroom shine.

02 The Trusted Brand Paint Protection Film

Experience the peace of mind that comes with using the industry’s best. XPEL PPF is renowned for its self-healing properties, meaning minor scratches and swirls virtually disappear, keeping your Tesla looking flawless. Additionally, its superior clarity ensures a perfect optical match to your paint, preserving your Tesla’s distinctive aesthetic.

03 Expert Installation

Our team of meticulous technicians possesses years of experience and utilizes computer-aided cutting technology for a precise, factory-like finish. Every curve and angle of your Tesla is meticulously covered, ensuring a seamless, bubble-free application that complements your vehicle’s design. Having protected many Tesla’s in Edmonton, we know the details and intricacies of protecting your Tesla. We are also approved for Tesla parts ordering.

04 Matte or Gloss

Whether you prefer the classic, high-gloss look or the modern sophistication of matte, we offer a variety of XPEL PPF options to match your style and preference. Explore the sleek, contemporary appeal of XPEL Stealth PPF, adding a unique touch to your Tesla and turning heads wherever you go.

05 Edmonton Tesla Owners

We’re passionate about Teslas and understand the unique needs of Edmonton drivers. We have a red Tesla Model Y completely protected from head to toe with our products and services. Schedule a visit with us to take a look at our Tesla. We’ve seen the harsh winters and unpredictable roads, and we’re committed to providing the best possible protection for your investment.

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Maintains Showroom Shine

Preserve your Tesla’s flawless paintwork for years to come, ensuring it turns heads with its original brilliance.

Enhanced Resale Value

PPF acts as an investment, protecting your Tesla from wear and tear and potentially boosting its resale value down the line.

Drive with Confidence

Drive worry-free, knowing your Tesla is shielded from everyday hazards like rock chips, scratches, and harsh weather.

Customizable Protection

Choose full coverage for complete peace of mind or opt for specific areas like the hood, bumper, and door handles to tailor the protection to your needs and budget.


Liberty Autoworx is COOKING something UP! This Model Y’s got defenses so crazy!

Can it REALLY be unstoppable? Stay tuned for FULL REVEAL the to see this armored beast in action! We’re happy to keep his vehicles protected and looking new, so he can focus on helping the team win the Stanley Cup this year!


At Liberty Autoworx, use both the XPEL Ultimate Plus 8 mil as well as the XPEL Ultimate Plus 10 mil film. Each project is installed by XPEL Certified Experts with hundreds of hours of experience.

  1. Tesla certified parts dealer so we can order any parts you require.
  2. We are experts in knowing where to wrap the edges and what is required to be disassembled prior to installing the film.
  3. We’ve done many Teslas and are proud owners of a Tesla Model Y (Red with full XPEL Stealth wrap).
  4. Backed by our Lifetime Craftsmanship Guarantee.
  5. We have a charger at our studio for existing customers if you’d like to visit us and have a coffee.


Ranges from$1349.99and up + GST
  • Our XPEL Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film package includes:

    Full Hood

    Full Front Fenders

    Front Bumper

    Side Mirrors

    Door Handles

    Headlights & Fog Lights

    A & B Pillars

    Lifetime Craftsmanship Guarantee


Ranges from$1699.99and up + GST
  • Our Liberty XPEL Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film package includes:

    Custom Full Hood

    Full Front Fenders

    Front Bumper

    Side Mirrors

    Door Handles

    Headlights & Fog Lights

    A & B Pillars

    Rocker Panel Kit

    Rear impact area

    Luggage Strip

    Door sills

    Lifetime Craftsmanship Guarantee


Ranges from$3899.99and up + GST
  • For the best protection you can possibly add to your vehicle, get our Ultimate Liberty Protection package. We cover all painted surfaces on your vehicle in addition to all lights, mirrors, etc.

    Recommended for new vehicles only; Ask about our special packages for Teslas.

    Lifetime Craftsmanship Guarantee


Call or send us a quote request and we might provide you with a custom tailored quote for your vehicle.

Financing is available upon request.


What's the difference between 3M and XPEL PPF?

3M is one of the original paint protection film manufacturers. Over time, the industry has evolved and XPEL emerged as a self healing, yellowing resistant, high quality film. Check out our post about it here.

Can I apply PPF to my used car?

It’s definitely possible, it would be best you to come to the studio for a consultation for an accurate quote. The most optimal results would be to take it straight to us from the dealership to allow for minimal imperfections.

Why wouldn't I just get it done at the dealership?

Some dealerships may have decent installers, but they’re typically a ‘jack of all trades’ type, where we’re trained experts at our craft. We also customize the cuts if necessary to maximize the coverage on your paint.

Why does my new vehicle need prep?

While it’s got minimal mileage on it, it still had to be transported here and road tested at the dealership before you picked it up. There may also be imperfections from the manufacturer. We want to correct these issues before we apply any film. 

What's the warranty on the film once installed?

Our Liberty Craftsmanship Guarantee is coverage for life should you have any craftsmanship issues with the install. On the other hand, XPEL provides a 10 year warranty for manufacturer defects. 

Should I get PPF or Ceramic Coating?

This is dependent on your needs. While ceramic coating makes for easy detailing and washing while providing intense gloss, paint protection film provides superior coverage from rocks and debris, acting as a sacrificial layer.

Can I put ceramic coating on my paint protection film?

Yes! We have a specific product for coverage on the PPF that protects your XPEL warranty. This gives you the opportunity to have the best of both worlds.