Edmonton erupted in cheers last night

The Oilers clinched their series victory over the Canucks in a nail-biting Game 6! The boys in blue battled hard, and our brand ambassador, Evander Kane, was a key contributor, putting a point on the board with a crucial goal.

Here at Liberty Autoworx

We were thrilled to see Kane secure the win. As Evander’s trusted auto partner, we recently had the pleasure of detailing his vehicle, ensuring his ride was spotless and ready to take him wherever he needed to go – including straight to victory lane! We understand that for professional athletes like Kane, having a reliable and impeccably maintained car is essential for peace of mind. Just like he focuses on his game, we focus on making sure his car is in top condition, allowing him to concentrate on bringing home the Stanley Cup.

The entire game was a tense back-and-forth affair, but Kane’s goal in the second period proved to be the difference. The goal showcased his talent and determination, and it’s no surprise that the Edmonton crowd erupted in a frenzy. This win keeps the Oilers’ championship dreams alive, and the city is buzzing with excitement for the next round.

Congratulations to the Oilers on a hard-fought series win!

We at Liberty Autoworx are proud to support our local team and all of Edmonton’s amazing athletes, including our very own brand ambassador, Evander Kane.

Let's go Oilers!