Toyota Tacoma Ceramic Coating

2017 Toyota Tacoma SR5

Our customer brought in this awesome Toyota Tacoma for paint correction and ceramic coating. He was looking to add gloss and shine back to the paint. There were countless swirls and scratches that needed to be removed. We had ourselves a challenge ahead of us!


Prep Stage:

As always, we thoroughly decontaminated the vehicle which is outlined here. This gave us a clear look at the condition of the paint prior to paint correction and ceramic coating. We inspected the paint with our lights and found that it was scratched everywhere. Each panel was full of swirls! The next step was to measure the paint depth to see how much clear coat we were working with. This step is so important! It allows us to power polish the paint safely and ensure we do not burn through the clear coat.

Paint Correction:

Our measurements indicated that it was most likely power polished one or two times before. This means we had to be extra careful and pick and choose which scratches were safe to remove. Luckily, Toyota paint is soft and we are able to get all of the swirls out. Some scratches were too deep to try and chase out. Overall, we were able to bring back the gloss and shine to a level where the customer will be happy.

Ceramic Coating:

The ceramic coating we agreed upon using was the Gyeon Mohs + nano coating. It is very durable and hydrophobic. We applied it to the painted areas, plastics, wheel faces and the glass. You’ll notice the added gloss and depth that was added even after power polishing the paint. This Tacoma will be protected for years to come!

As with any vehicle that just had paint correction and ceramic coating, it is extremely important to maintain the vehicle. This includes regular washing, decontamination and proper drying methods.

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