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It’s simple... 😉

Your vehicle is family to us and we treat it that way.

Always thankful for the awesome reviews 🙏🙏

What’s your plan this weekend? Comment below!👇

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It’s easy for your tires to lose their luster with our harsh winters.

We use Gyeon Tire to keep the blacks dark and the walls protected (even after pressure washing)


How to use:
✨Be sure to use this after your tires are degreased, dry, and cool to touch.
✨Spray Gyeon Tire onto your tire or onto a Flex Foam Tire Applicator and spread it evenly across.
✨Allow the coat to dry before driving. Easy!

Head over to the website and book an appointment to pick one up 👆

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Transformation can be trivial 🧐

The  subtlest of detail can make the biggest difference. 

If you’re driving on Henday you already know the gravel’s flying. #paintprotection is a shield against rocks, scratches, bird droppings, pollution, dust, or road grime - preserving the look of your vehicle for years.

We use Xpel paint protection film on your vehicles because:
✨ It’s a leader in protecting your vehicle from rock chips and scratches
✨ It STAYS CLEAR. There’s no staining or yellowing from bird droppings, air pollution, or road grime like cheaper alternatives

✨ It self heals which eliminates swirls or fine scratches
✨ It has the largest and most comprehensive pre-cut pattern database providing a tight fit for the best installations 😉


Check out the website under “Protect” for the full process! 👆Link in the bio 

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Pay Attention!! 👀

Big things are easy to notice- small things add up to create wonder.

Have you ever wondered why a painting or design looks SO GOOD you can’t explain it? It’s only until you learn the small stuff that you understand why some things make you go 😲...

📸 @cheersphotos

What’s on everyone’s plate this Monday? 👇

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We’re always appreciative of the trust you have in our service. We joke here but when it comes to your vehicles, we never joke


What’s your best dad joke?

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Shoutout to @genesisedmonton for trusting us with your gorgeous vehicles!

We appreciate the relationship that’s been built over the years.

Your customer service and luxury vehicles are top notch - something we can appreciate and stand behind.

Here’s to many more! ✨

What’s everyone doing this mini-Friday? 👇

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It’s all about the nitty gritty 🔎

📸 @cheersphotos

Results are always spectacular but it takes extreme attention to detail to provide the flawlessness that even carmakers can appreciate.

For people that appreciate the finer things in life you know that quality comes from honouring craft.

For detailing enthusiasts it’s a constant strive to perfect your craft.

Liberty Autoworx prides itself as being Edmonton’s leading car detailing craftsman. 

Let us get down to the nitty gritty for you.

Check out how we do this on our website! Link in bio 👆

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Be Present. 

We LOVE seeing a client look at their vehicle for the first time!! 💯.

Getting to a place where we could do this consistently took hours nobody saw. People will ask us what it takes to start a successful business and you could name different traits but, for me, it’s being present. ✅

We’re always looking for opportunities: from learning new techniques to exploring new technologies. The feeling of awe is the product of practice and being present over time.

It’s easy to take a day off when it’s slow, especially when you’re not motivated to do anything... BUT we’re in the garage working on ideas, learning, and executing.

What project do you have for 2021? Comment below!

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New Year, New Vibes!!! 🤩

Thank you for the support this year!! It’s been a challenging one but we’re looking forward to new things to come! We’re grateful for a phenomenal community and we’re only growing. 

Be safe and have a happy New Year!!! 🥳

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What did Santa bring??!!🎅🏽

We’re more than grateful for all the support this year and even though it’s been a challenging one, we’re happy to be part of a wonderful community 🙏

Cheers to you and your family! 🧃

What did Santa bring you? 😲

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2 Years!!! 

We can’t believe it has been 2 years in our Edmonton salon serving the most unique cars and clients. Thank you so much for everyone’s constant support in allowing us to deliver the best service and quality to people in Edmonton.

Anyone not having turkey for Christmas? Comment below! 👇

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Thank you to our @xpel rep. Sean Connors!

We want to do a quick shoutout to show appreciation for your customer service. There’s never any issues and your programs and our partnership is appreciated. #thankyou for your support!

Xpel is a leader in paint protection film and that’s why we use them here. Your ride is our family, and we only protect our family with the best.

📸 @laurenfrotch

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