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Putting the shine in sunshine ☀️⁠

Glad the weather's back so we can all take our rides out to the park 😎⁠

Have a safe and awesome weekend everyone!!!⁠

Who's grilling? 👇

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✨Enhance your gloss with @Gyeon QuickDetailer!!!⁠

We love this stuff because it’s easy to use and of course, it works like a charm. It removes streaks and spotting and leaves your car’s paint glossy for weeks!⁠

Check it out at our shop 👆

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❓How can I protect this?⁠

There are a few choices (or a combinations) you can do:⁠

🛡@Gyeon MOHS or Gyeon MOHS combined with Gyeon Duraflex - These are SCRATCH RESISTANT COATINGS that are also HYDROPHOBIC and bring out the gloss of your vehicles⁠

🛡@Revivfy Coating are ultra gloss, ultra slick, ultra hardness, ultra hydrophobic. They also have superior protection against corrosion, oxidation, graffiti, bird droppings, tree sap, and any other contaminants or deposits from the atmosphere. A Bonus, slight scratches HEAL WITH HEAT. 🔥⁠

🛡@Xpel is a virtually invisible #paintprotection FILM that isn’t just resistant, but a physical barrier between the outer elements and your vehicle’s paint. It also SELF-HEALS light scratches and swirls in the sun 😯⁠

❓So...Which one should I choose?⁠

We counter this question with another one… what’s the goal for your vehicle? Every person will have a different purpose for their vehicle so we’re not going to say which one is best.⁠

What we will say is we:⁠
- Offer only the best products because your vehicle deserves the best⁠
- Are professionally trained and have the experience to install all of the options⁠
- ✨Will only suggest what makes sense for your goal. No upselling, no unneeded services, no bs. 💩⁠

Check out our website for more info! 👆

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Who cleans their car every weekend? 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️⁠

Sometimes twice a week over here 😅✌️⁠

Does it take you a loooong time? 👀We know you probably love doing it...but what if it could take you less time? Have you ever seen the videos where water beads off the car and no matter how much you use your miracle waxes...it still doesn’t have the same effect?⁠

Try ceramic coating. Water beads off and you can leaf-blow your car dry 😉No leaf blower? Try one of our Gyeon synthetic microfiber cloths for a fast wipedown.⁠

Check out our shop ☝️

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How do you make paint protection film seamless?⁠

It’s all in the prep work. 📋⁠

With an increase in custom work on vehicles we have to ensure any film going on is properly cut to give your vehicle its best protection. You never know what’s going to hit where. 🛡⁠

✨Did you know we decontaminate the film area before application too?⁠

New vehicle? Give us a call before you drive and let's protect it from the elements first.⁠

✨Paint Correction⁠
✨Paint Protection Film⁠
✨Ceramic Coating⁠

Do you prefer hot or cold weather? Give us an emoji! 🥵🥶

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What’s the first thing you feel when you get into your truck? 🤔⁠

⚡️It won’t be a bag of crushed chips!!!⁠

There’s a reason you got your truck and it wasn’t for any negativity. Whether you’re loading cargo or blasting tunes, let our studio protect your vehicle from the grimes of the outside and ensure your interior is pristine. 😉⁠

Wanna know how? Check our website for info!

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Hey guys! My name’s Raymark and I’m the owner of Liberty Autoworx where I get the privilege of making your amazing luxury vehicles shine and protected!!! ✨ 

On July 10, I’m participating in the @horsepower4hope event to help kids with cancer have a super fun experience watching our community of awesome vehicles take the roads! I’ve got the decals on my car and I’ve helped a few in our community get theirs too- so watch out for us!! 👀

We have a promotion going on for small cars where we’ll detail the interior and exterior for $350 and $50 will be donated to the cause! Your little one gets a shine! 🚗 And those little ones and their families get a grin!! 😁

If you’re looking for other ways to help:
✨ I have a donation page you can go to (link in bio) Any amount is awesome!
✨Please share this message from this or our previous posts with your friends and family!!

Any little bit of awareness and generosity helps and we’d be grateful for your support!!! Thank you for reading this!

Have a safe and fun weekend everyone!!!


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Brinlee is 18 months old…⁠

She was diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma on October 30, 2020 and is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatments. She loves playing peekaboo, giving high fives and cuddling with her big sisters and mom!! 💛⁠

Be a part of the mission!!!⁠

We’re on a mission with your Edmonton car community to make a difference for kids with cancer by participating in the @horsepower4hope Afterburn Rally 2021.⁠

$50 of our promotional $350 INTERIOR/EXTERIOR SMALL CAR DETAILING PACKAGE will go to children like Brinlee!⁠

You’re bringing a smile to her face while we bring a smile to yours. 😊⁠

Help share the mission by tagging anyone you think might be interested in a fresh ride while helping their family! 👇

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Keep the shine alive!!! 😯⁠

We get right into it to make your vehicle's look factory new, and just as importantly, keep it that way.⁠

Decontamination and power polishing gets rid of any iron, tar and debris from transportation and lot sitting. Installation of our high-end @xpel paint protection film and ceramic coating protects your ride from the horrors leftover from our winters.⁠

Watch your vehicle shine in the rain while the others dull and fade away. 😉⁠

Check out the website for more info! 👆

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Precision takes time and patience 🎯⁠

It's common knowledge that you need to practice if you aspire to be good at something, but it’s our motto to be GREAT!⁠

Technology changes and we’re always on the lookout for best practices here at Liberty Autoworx. ✨ Everything to get your vehicle looking the best it can and protected like it deserves.⁠

Find out more about protecting in the link! 👆

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You guys are the BEST!!! 🙏 🙏 🙏 ⁠

It’s been so impressive to see the number of 5-star reviews on our page. ⁠

We're working hard to make sure that our customers have the best experience possible because we care how you feel about us.⁠

Thank you, Ted for a phenomenal review!!

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A fun mid-work capture for a fun week!⁠

We’re getting to see a lot of your new vehicles first hand, the weather is turning into our favour and your vehicles get to be admired when you’re first at the intersections 😌 #nbd⁠

Grateful for all of you trusting us to make your vehicle better than brand new 🙏⁠

What’s on your fun list for the week?? 🔽

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Happy Friday!!!⁠

It’s a good day to be indoors ☁️ and also a good time to unleash your inner #DIY!!⁠

The Gyeon products are used on all of your exotic vehicles, your tuners, your trucks, your collectibles and more... So if it’s good enough for our happy clients, we don’t see why it can’t be shared with all. 🗣 ⁠

Check out our online store in the link ⇧⁠

Have a great weekend!!! 🙌🙌

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Letting you know...⁠

You’ll be asked a truck load of questions when you’re coming in for vehicle treatment.⁠

We want to make sure the services you want are aligned with what makes sense for your goals. It’s not about upselling and it’s not about what we want.⁠

It’s about you and taking care of what matters most to you and your vehicle.⁠

Find out more about our services #linkinbio 👆

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Did something catch your eye?⁠

Sometimes it’s about getting noticed. There’s something about a clean, white vehicle that gets us every time. Maybe because it looks aggressive but then, you could say it’s also classy? We’re loving this #genesisGV80 because it’s both...on the inside and the out.⁠

More to see in the coming posts!⁠

What’s your favourite car colour? Comment below! 👇

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Hey! Did you know...??⁠

Before we add paint protection film, we always check for imperfections and paint levels?⁠

😮But it’s a brand new car? ⁠

It is! However, before you received it:⁠

⬛️It might have been transported overseas or in an exposed environment on the road allowing debris to accumulate or mar the paint⁠
⬛️Your vehicle may have sat on the lot for a time → people can brush past it looking at other vehicles or attendants can brush snow off with improper brushes/tools⁠
⬛️Improper wash methods were used (wrong materials, wrong technique)⁠

We take care of all of it in our studio ensuring you’re driving out with the full beauty of your vehicle with the protection it deserves.⁠

Enough learning… Let us know your weekend song!! 👇

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What does performance feel like? 🏁⁠

Better than you expect.⁠

A lot of you come into our studio with beautiful vehicles and we have the pleasure of visually getting them to where they should be. You’ve worked hard, worked smart, and have become masters at what you do...in a way, you are a high-performance being.⁠

High performance is not just about what you can add to make things better, but equally as important, WHAT YOU DON’T NEED. ⛔️ ⁠

We will never suggest anything to you that wouldn’t make sense for your goals. We strive for performance every day, and it doesn’t just include our skills, but it includes our customer service and an ability to be straight with you and get you what you need - that’s it.⁠

Would you agree?? Yay or nay below! 👇

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Do you park at the far edge of the lot…?⁠

...Or somewhere where you can see your vehicle...? We get it. A good chunk of our team are guilty too - we just want to protect our rides because we’re proud of them!!!⁠

It would make sense to protect your vehicle while you’re on the road too right? Afterall, you do push the throttle a bit more than usual (here and there 😉) and that means debris on your paint at higher velocities.⁠

We’re about PROTECTING the beauty of your paint but more importantly, how you FEEL when you’re in it. Learn how on our website! 👆

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Do you need high performance?? ✨⁠

We do. We use the Gyeon Quartz Quick Detailer in our studio for all of our clients. It’ll remove any streaking and spots on all painted surfaces of your vehicle AND it’s fast and easy to use - you spray on and wipe off.⁠

COOL TIP: Use it as a drying aid on a wet car. The process will become easier and the gloss will remain for weeks! 😉 Thank us later.⁠

Get yours from our online shop!! Link in profile 👆

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