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American 💪⁠

Admiring the view with you guys because we don’t get to see this angle enough.⁠

Who’s got a shot of theirs? Share it with us! @liberty_autoworx!

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What’s around your wheel wells?⁠

Braking will cause small particles of iron to accumulate overtime on your wheels and the wheel areas which can affect your wheels and paint.⁠

You can “break” the iron particles up 😋and remove them allowing your wheels and paint to shine through. This stuff is awesome! We use it on the vehicles we service and it’s surprising how much can accumulate in just a few months.⁠

Grab yours at our online shop! Link in bio 👆

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There’s always room for improvement, especially when…⁠

You get your new vehicle…?⁠

Yup! You’d expect a vehicle off the lot to be brand new but what you don’t know is during transportation, the clearcoat of the paint will get micro scratches, it’ll have been exposed to UV and other flying debris sitting on the lot, and sometimes there’ll be a teen working that’s just not careful when wiping the vehicle down after a cleaning.⁠

Solution? Get the vehicle decontaminated from that debris, swirling or minor scratching polished away and then paint properly protected with ceramic coating or xpel paint protection. Let it shine like it just rolled out of the factory ✨⁠

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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Did you say the final frontier? Oh no… we didn’t either… 👀⁠

Speaking of space, the SUV’s and Trucks coming into our studio are impressive, interior and exterior!⁠

If you have any roadtrip plans be sure to make sure your vehicle is protected from the debris that’s hitting it inside and out. Gravel from the outside, and maybe your kid’s pop from the inside. We know it’s dollar drink days 😉⁠

Keep your ride your place of serenity. Who’s planning a trip?? 👇

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I’m blue dabadedabadai...🎶⁠

Aiii… Love the shine...dabadeedabadai…🎤⁠

Have a great week! Dabadeedabadai… ⁠

Tell us your song of the day! (dabadeedabadai…)

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We’ve had a few clients come in complaining about…⁠

...poor application of their paint protection film. (No, it wasn’t from us).⁠

It’s a real thing though. They’ll buy beautiful vehicles and then find someone that does film in the home garage for cheap. Ever heard the term penny wise and dollar foolish? 👀⁠

We then get a call about a story where a guy installs paint protection film on their new ride and it’s either peeling or there’s some crap in there that wasn’t removed. (No, you can’t take it off, clean it, and put it back on 😂 nice try though)⁠

Does your garage dude (or dudette) make sure contaminants are removed from the application area? Is that area polished for maximum adherence and also to get the maximum shine through the film? 🤷‍♀️Is it even a good quality film?⁠

The intent here is not to bash...but to inform. It’s awesome that people want to learn how to install paint protection film because it’s important! Just make sure you’re getting someone with standards worth the value of your vehicle.⁠

We’re upfront about all the stuff we’re putting onto your vehicle and we’ll always educate you on our process and why we do it that way. It’s about doing things the right way, with the best materials, the first time to get the best results. That is our standard.⁠

What’s your bar? 👇

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What makes you smile??⁠

We’ve got @xpel paint protection film going onto a few vehicles this morning and we’d like to say...it’s rather delightful!⁠

Cool tip of the day: With the weather hot and sunny, the UV rays will “yellow” lower quality paint protection films over time. We use Xpel because that doesn’t happen. If you have a black car...it may not matter BUT xpel also self-heals minor scratches in the heat so when you’re with other vehicles at the next meet up, it won’t be you showing the swirls 😎⁠

How are you cooling down this Thursday??

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Your truck is made to be rugged and dirty… but…⁠

Why not have a FAST cleaning process? 💨 ⁠

Ceramic coating is another layer you can add to your clear coat so your paint becomes extra protected and hydrophobic.⁠

What does that mean?⁠

That means dirt FLYING OFF when you hose it down.⁠

It also means less intensive wiping and less swirling. It actually does double duty. It’s scratch-resistant so any wiping you do has less chance of scratching the paint. That’s how older trucks look brand spanking new✨ ⁠

Save time cleaning at the wash, and add more time admiring your ride. 🤩⁠

Who’s taking a road trip?? 👇

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Don’t just BE in a performance vehicle…⁠

...let it radiate performance everywhere you go.⁠

We’ve seen some dulled vehicles on the road when we know in our hearts, they shouldn’t be that way. We know it’s been raining but we can tell if your vehicle has the proper protection from the elements or not.⁠

And, If we can tell… so can others who DO know and HAVE protected their vehicles. We’re not shaming you! But we feel you deserve the best because...well...you bought the best!! Why wouldn’t you treat it the best? Just some thoughts 🗯🤷‍♀️⁠

What’s your weekend vibe in an emoji? This one’s ours! > 🏀

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You may not realize it now…⁠

...but if you dream more, you’ll live more. 🐎⁠

We’ve been cooped up and thinking of all the places we’d go once everything opens up. We can do it now!!!⁠

Taking a road trip?? Turn heads while you arrive at your destination. 😯⁠

Let’s dial up the brilliance of your vehicle here in our studio:⁠
⬛️ Decontaminating takes away major and tiny debris/tar/residue from your vehicle⁠
⬛️ Power polishing takes away any swirls and brings out the shine⁠
⬛️ Paint protection film and Ceramic coating to make sure you vehicle stays ✨⁠

Explore the website before you take your first road trip! 👆

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How is your vehicle an investment?⁠

When you’re getting something fancy you’re buying in. You’re buying into a lifestyle. Protect it. ⁠

How good does a Lambo look if the front end is chipped or swirly? Not great right? Whatever YOUR Lambo is, protect it from the elements- sun, debris and even washing…? 🧐 How do you think those swirls got there? ⁠

Our studio will bring your vehicle’s shine back and our professionals will show you how to keep it that way!!⁠

Who fancies the cooler weather? Give a 👍

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Always thankful to protect another one! 🏎⁠

We love seeing your cars outside but we hope you’re in them maximizing your AC. It’s about time for us to cool down... 😎⁠

What’s on your grill this weekend? 👇

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What do you see?⁠

Hopefully everything, if you’re driving! 😛⁠

Okay... that was a bad one.😅⁠

We’re not just about getting you noticed, we’re also about keeping it that way. With the sun BEAMING we want to make sure your vehicle is GLEAMING for the entirety of this weather.⁠

Ask us about enhancing the strength of your paint and shine or protection!⁠

Need more info? Head over to our website and watch some vids! ⤴️

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Are you taking a road trip this summer? 🚙⁠

Protect your paint from rock chips, debris, and bug acid!!! 🦟⁠

YUP. Bug acid and bird poop acid. The bastards get you twice but it’ll be easier to wash off with paint protection film and ceramic coating.⁠

Where are you heading this summer? Let us know! 👇

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What’s the difference between 3M + Xpel?⁠

@Xpel is far superior. 🏔⁠

Here are some of the key differences between XPEL and 3M:⁠

🛡XPEL is virtually clear and invisible while 3M will fade and yellow over time⁠
Old 3M film will be discoloured and very noticeable on your vehicle⁠
XPEL is nearly invisible⁠
🛡XPEL is self healing while old 3M will scratch easily⁠
The top coat on XPEL will SELF-HEAL minor swirls and imperfections in the sun⁠
Old 3M does not have a top coat⁠
🛡XPEL is thick and provides a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty⁠
The old 3M can yellow and fade within a year⁠

Head to the link in bio to learn more and see the process!

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Everyone thinks when you go to the Bubbles of the world you’re getting the best #carcare...⁠

The truth eventually comes out…👀⁠

There’s a reason why we take courses, certifications, test skills, and products on our vehicles to make sure YOUR vehicles are getting the care they deserve.⁠

Professionals don’t skip, use cheap tools, and are thorough because it’s our FULL-TIME career. It’s not just a temporary job for us.⁠

It’s about giving and providing the best care each and every time. Your luxury and performance vehicles are no different. Who’d want to purchase a half-done vehicle? No one. So why would anyone want to pay for half-done service for your performance vehicle?⁠
Give us a 🙌 below if you agree!!!

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Would you turn your head to a red car?⁠

If it’s this shiny, heck yeah~ ✨⁠

We’re preparing to protect this beauty with #xpel paint protection. None of that yellowing 3M stuff...only the best for your vehicles in this studio.⁠

Learn more in the link 👆

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Putting the shine in sunshine ☀️⁠

Glad the weather's back so we can all take our rides out to the park 😎⁠

Have a safe and awesome weekend everyone!!!⁠

Who's grilling? 👇

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✨Enhance your gloss with @Gyeon QuickDetailer!!!⁠

We love this stuff because it’s easy to use and of course, it works like a charm. It removes streaks and spotting and leaves your car’s paint glossy for weeks!⁠

Check it out at our shop 👆

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❓How can I protect this?⁠

There are a few choices (or a combinations) you can do:⁠

🛡@Gyeon MOHS or Gyeon MOHS combined with Gyeon Duraflex - These are SCRATCH RESISTANT COATINGS that are also HYDROPHOBIC and bring out the gloss of your vehicles⁠

🛡@Revivfy Coating are ultra gloss, ultra slick, ultra hardness, ultra hydrophobic. They also have superior protection against corrosion, oxidation, graffiti, bird droppings, tree sap, and any other contaminants or deposits from the atmosphere. A Bonus, slight scratches HEAL WITH HEAT. 🔥⁠

🛡@Xpel is a virtually invisible #paintprotection FILM that isn’t just resistant, but a physical barrier between the outer elements and your vehicle’s paint. It also SELF-HEALS light scratches and swirls in the sun 😯⁠

❓So...Which one should I choose?⁠

We counter this question with another one… what’s the goal for your vehicle? Every person will have a different purpose for their vehicle so we’re not going to say which one is best.⁠

What we will say is we:⁠
- Offer only the best products because your vehicle deserves the best⁠
- Are professionally trained and have the experience to install all of the options⁠
- ✨Will only suggest what makes sense for your goal. No upselling, no unneeded services, no bs. 💩⁠

Check out our website for more info! 👆

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