Brand New Vehicle Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Being Power Polished

You’ve finally purchased a brand new vehicle and are making the right choice to protect it for the long term. You’re probably thinking if you should have XPEL Ultimate Plus paint protection film installed or have ceramic coating or both. However, before you get to those steps, we have to take a step back and look into your vehicle’s paint first. It doesn’t matter if your car has twenty kilometres or one thousand kilometres, a brand new car does not mean you have perfect paint. Power polishing a car may be necessary even if it’s new.


Reasons Why Your Brand New Vehicle Needs to be Power Polished

In most cases, there are micro marring, swirls and imperfections on the finish of the paint. How can that be?

  • Vehicles sit on the car lot
    • People can brush up against the vehicle when browsing at cars in the lot.
    • If it gets snowed on, then lot attendants and sales people will have to brush the snow off which can cause scratches if you’re not using a foam brush.
  • Vehicle transport
    • Some vehicles get transported from overseas and then get sent with a vehicle carrier to its final destination. Oftentimes they are not in an enclosed trailer and are subject to the dirt and debris during transport.
  • Improper wash methods before picking up the vehicle
    • The job of the car dealership is to sell you cars and to service your vehicle. When it comes times to pick up your vehicle, it is their job to make it look shiny and clean enough for you to drive away happy. It is not their job to remove imperfections and use high end, professional detailing products.


If your car has swirls and imperfections and we install ceramic coating, then that means the imperfections will be locked under the ceramic coating for years to come. The only way to remove the imperfections is to….wait for it….power polish the ceramic coating off and the clear coat. Basically we are back to step one.

However, if you are only getting XPEL paint protection film on your vehicle, then a minor polish will do. This will help with adhesion and again to remove any minor imperfections. The good thing about XPEL is that it can hide many of the swirls under the film because of how thick it is.

If you have a brand new vehicle, check the paint first before getting paint protection film or ceramic coating.