Tesla Model Y New Vehicle Protection

Our team was excited to work on this brand new, 2021 Tesla Model Y for new vehicle protection. Our guest contacted us about a month prior to taking possession of his beloved Tesla. We had exchanged emails and conversations regarding what protection he was looking to get for his vehicle. Our approach is different here at Liberty Autoworx. We like to listen to our customers to understand what they are looking for. Oftentimes our customers need a bit of education and learning to truly understand what products or services they may need. Then we’ll provide a proposal with an action plan to have their vehicle protected.


Prep Stage:

Our very first step when working on a project is fully decontaminating the vehicle. This will get rid of any contaminants that may be embedded in the paint. We provide a full foam bath, hand wash, iron remover, etc. to get the paint ready.


Polish Stage:

The next step is removing any swirls or imperfections from the paint. If you’d like to know why your brand new vehicle needs power polishing, take a look at our article. It’s very important to measure the paint depth of each panel to ensure we know which areas to be careful with. Some areas were measuring really low so it was important for us to be cautious when polishing those areas. After polishing, another wash is done to remove any polishing dust.


XPEL Ultimate Plus Installation:

Our customer wanted the full front end of the Model Y protected from rock chips. We also added the A Pillars, rocker panels and the luggage strip for added protection. We removed the Tesla badge in the front to allow for a cleaner installation of film on the hood. Afterwards, a new factory badge was installed back on the hood. Wherever it was possible, we wrapped the edges for extra protection.


Revivify Nano Coating:

The last step of this project was to coat the vehicle with nano coating. The customer wanted a higher gloss and more durable nano coating so we opted to use Revivify Pro Self Healing Nano Coating. These were applied on the painted areas, glass, plastic and wheel faces. We applied Gyeon PPF ceramic coating on the areas with XPEL. The reason for this is to allow the film to retain its self-healing properties.


If you have a new Tesla or vehicle that you would like protected, please contact us at 780-900-8685 to book a consultation.