1. Extreme Gloss Enhancement
  2. Hydrophobic
  3. Resistant to the elements and brake dust
  4. UV Resistance 
  5. 9H Hardness
  6. Can be applied to interior and exterior surfaces


At Liberty Autoworx, we use Gyeon Quartz products as our trusted coating solution. While there are other great formulas such as Revivify or Ceramic Pro, we favour the solutions provided by Gyeon for our clientele. 

Rare Gated Manual Audi R8 in Edmonton after XPEL PPF and ceramic coating installed

Gyeon Can Coat Pro

starting at$399.99+GST(Lasts 1-2 yrs)
  • Includes
  • 1 layer of Gyeon CanCoat Pro on all paint

Gyeon Infinite Complete Coating Package

starting at$1099.99+GSTLimited 5+ Year Warranty
  • Includes
  • 1 layer Gyeon Infinite Base Type 1 on all paint
  • 1x layer of Gyeon View on all glass
  • 1x layer of Gyeon Rim on all wheel faces and exhaust tips
  • 1x layer of Gyeon Trim on all plastic trim
  • Additional option of Gyeon Top Coat on all paint starting at $200

Gyeon Infinite Coating Paint Only Package

starting at$599.99+GSTLimited 5+ Year Warranty
  • Includes
  • 1 layer of Gyeon Infinite Base Type 1 on all paint
  • Additional option of Gyeon Top Coat on all paint starting at $200


Call or send us a quote request and we might provide you with a custom tailored quote for your vehicle.
Financing is available upon request.


What is ceramic coating and how does it work?

It’s a solid transparent, slick and highly self-cleaning silica-based protective layer once crystallized.

It might be applied on any surface of your vehicle to provide the ultimate protection.

How long does ceramic coating last?

Depending on how well you maintain it, it can last more than 5 years. We can teach you everything you need to know, or even do the annual maintenance for you.

Can ceramic coating be applied to any type of vehicle?

Yes! Whether your vehicle is a Honda Fit, Mercedes G-Wagon or an Audi R8, it does not matter. Any vehicle can be protected.

Can I get you to do the maintenance washes on my ceramic coating for me?

Of course! We offer maintenance washes and recommend them at least once a year to maintain your ceramic coating in Edmonton, due to the amount of debris on our roads. Inquire with us today!

What's the difference between paint protection film and ceramic coating?

While ceramic coating is a thin, molecular bonded chemical, it provides no coverage against rock chips and major scratches, and instead keeps the vehicle easier to clean, protects from UV rays, and adds an intense glossiness to the paint for a longer period of time.  Paint protection film (PPF), on the other hand, is a sacrificial layer that can withstand a lot of rocks and road debris.

Is ceramic coating worth the investment?

We definitely think ceramic coating is worth the investment, but understand it’s not a solution for everyone. Check out our post about the Pros and Cons for Ceramic Coating in Edmonton

Can I put ceramic coating on my paint protection film?

Yes! We have a specific product for coverage on the PPF that protects your XPEL paint protection film warranty.

Can I put it on my used vehicle?

Definitely, however we may have to do some paint correction beforehand to provide you with the best finish. It would be best if we book a consultation before providing you with an estimate.