Dodge RAM 3500 XPEL Stealth Conversion

We had the pleasure of doing a complete XPEL Stealth conversion wrap on this brand new truck. It is literally the biggest project we have undertaken! This thing is a beast and took up a lot of shop space.

Discovery Process

Jonathan contacted us to let us know that he was going to upgrade to a new vehicle. His previous Dodge RAM was paint corrected and ceramic coated by us as well. This time, Jonathan wanted a solution to make his truck look unique and protect the whole vehicle from rock chips. We had a few conversations on what this could look like for his truck and how we would tackle the project.

If we were to protect his whole vehicle in XPEL Ultimate Plus then it would leave the truck completely glossy. If we went with the XPEL Stealth, then it would transform the entire look to a matte finish. Another option we discussed was a colour change vinyl wrap. The downside with doing that is it will not have protect against heavy rock chips. After discussing the pros and cons of each option, we were able to agree on going with the XPEL Stealth.



As with any new vehicle, there are imperfections on the paint. Click here to read about why a new vehicle needs to be power polished. We did a full decontamination of the paint before moving on to power polishing the truck. A minor power polish was needed to remove any existing swirls and scratches. We washed the truck again before installing the XPEL Stealth.


XPEL Stealth Installation

When it came time to installing the film, we removed existing badges and the tail lights. This allowed for a cleaner installer and for us to tuck the edges nicely. We also discussed with Jonathan the idea of installing a multiple piece seamed kit on the box sides. The reasoning for this is because it is more cost effective to have the lower half replaced with new film after being abused with regular wear and tear. He was happy with that idea as we were thinking of the long term maintenance of his truck. The project took about a week from start to finish and was a fun project to undertake.

Overall the XPEL stealth conversion went really well. Jonathan was ecstatic with the results and gets compliments regularly!